US State Governor approves discriminatory law.


As CNN reports today, yes in 2015 this is still happening, a high ranking US politician (Indiana Gov. Mike Pence) has passed an insane law discriminating against the LGBTQ community. Most of the law is written under the guise of protecting namely a vocal ‘Christian’ support base when refusing to deal with the LGBTQ community operating their businesses.

Thankfully a major corporation Salesforce has taken action and withdrawn plans to do business in the state, urging fellow corporate leaders to do the same. When a corporation is better at protecting Americans than the government… you know some crazy stuff is going on. This hateful law will (according to many federal rulings) be thrown out hopefully.

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2 responses to “US State Governor approves discriminatory law.

    • That’s the point, to fix the conditioning we put children through historically framing gay relationships/families as negative. The laws are already there preventing discrimination so now education policy just needs to catch up to those laws. But think of this interesting point when thinking of public dollars: gay Americans’ tax dollars are being used to fund religious groups that actively voice their disdain for gays. Anyone who is confused about tax dollars used to fund policy they disagree with should think about this.

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