Wendy Williams is probably the most honest and genuine person on American TV.


People on American TV from news to talk shows are inorganic: tone deaf, robotic, manufactured and scripted ‘things’ whose behavior barely resemble any recognizable form of human culture. Spend anytime watching American TV and it’s hard to find organic people, those that are displaying honest representations of humans and the way they act. Enter Wendy Williams. From the onset it goes without saying that nearly 95% of Wendy Williams’ show’s content is meaningless. Celebrity gossip and fashion talk will not solve the worlds problems. However while Williams’ show content might do little, her method of communication is just what the TV medium needs more of.

But Wendy Williams could give a fuck about any of this, because Wendy is real as fuck. She’s on a major network, with her own daytime show, being a human. It’s rare. Sure the content is mehh, but specifically her opening segment of the show where she speaks about celebrity news must be one of the most genuine and honest pieces of TV in the last 50 years. She stumbles, thinks on the fly, stutters and generally acts like a human communicating with other humans. Gone are the teleprompters, decisive scripts, robotic accents and cadence of speech. She is just being her, giving information out, and communicating with humans like a human. It’s refreshing to see such a display of organic behavior on TV. Imagine though if Williams were in charge of reporting on the global economy and the military industrial complex?! People might actually listen and act on the information to produce change that betters themselves.

The TV medium is full of ‘people’ who have communication issues which affect society and how it operates. Racism, sexism, general bigotry and so on are problems that are hard to address without honesty and real human forms of communicating. Global issues from world economic to the environment are also hard to address without honest and genuine communication, free from inorganic corporate styled ways of interacting and relaying important information. TV news for example is horrid at giving useful and productive information, largely because real information would speak to the medium’s undoing. Most of the bad things keep going on because the delivery of information is set to be ineffective and useless – why would corporate media give a venue where information would be delivered in a genuine way but could also lead to people affecting the operations of said corporations? If TV news actually gave real information on life, they would loose almost all of their advertising funds because most of the companies paying for them would be implicated in something somehow. Why would corporate media want genuine and honest people giving information, connecting with a public and affecting change? It doesn’t.

Williams could save us all. Just saying.

(Photo credit: http://www.hellobeautiful.com)


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